Public bath in Mars

Do you know an animal called capybara? Capybaras are originally animals that live in a warm climate, and they like to go to hot springs. They do the same in cluster.

When you go through the list of worlds in cluster, You will find Mars world there, and for some reason, there is a public bath.

Just like a public bath in Japan, men’s and women’s baths are separated. However, people on Mars just don’t seem to care about the gender rule. They just enter the bath they want. Maybe that’s how life goes there.

The good thing about thebath is that you can choose

what you do; both chilling out and doing something else are OK.

Some people are well prepared for the bath, using avatars with towels covering their part of their bodies. Some don’t care about getting wet and put their clothes on though. In rare cases, some people bring in a bathtub to the bath.

Anyway, please come to Mars, and let’s take a bath. (The reporter believes that the best avatar for a bath is capybara)




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