Before I came here (cluster), I quit my Gacha Club hobby and looked forward to this 3D software called VRoid Studio. When I was starting to explore Cluster,I found out that custom avatars can be uploaded and used here.

I didn’t know we could make 3D characters on our own, because I thought it would be impossible when I was young. I kept on thinking all my life that making characters can only be made by professionals.

I looked at the software’s website and saw its awesome features and it made me interested that I downloaded it.

I watched a tutorial about the basics and simple controls and started to design my first character, Kate.

And at that time, I also found out about the UniVRM, and I was frustrated because Unity looks complicated and I think it is very heavy for my computer. I told myself not to try Unity because I may mess things up in the end and it would be laggy and useless. I tend to get envious of other people and my friends for having unique avatars and I wished I had the same as them.

Months later, I started to explore BOOTH and found free hair presets, and I

hought hair presets areonly used for normal forms of hair, it can be formed like sunglasses, ribbons,

and cat ears! Also, I found out that we can go beyond the provided parameters in the studio (I mean VRoid Studio), example 100 is the limit, but if we type on the box that shows the parameter numbers, we can form whatever we desire.

I started to have fun and enjoy VRoid and I keep using that software when I have leisure time! Then I started to create plans to create custom dresses…

Then in March …

I saw a free asset in BOOTH where we can show our

Minecraft skins in VRM mode, and it needs one

thing. . . Unity, the one thing I have feared.

I tried it on Unity and the installation process looks laggy, but I realized, Unity’s performance is swift!

I tested to make my first avatar, with the package I said above with my character as the design. And, success!! It worked (weee) and it only needs more improvement.

Did you know I like emission, animation and putting props? Yeah, that’s why my avatars have most of them.

Day by day, I started listing ideas from my head and notes in my notebook and creating more avatars ‘tilimagination’s limit (That’s why there was a time my VRoid Hub had daily uploads.

And the software I thought was useless for me was a cool and fun thing after all, and I am using both VRoid and UniVRM right now!!

I want to deal with Blender, but I uninstalled it BECAUSE IT KEEPS ON CRASHING!!



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